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Welcome to Signature Behavioral Healthcare

handsSignature Behavioral Healthcare provides medically-based outpatient group psycho-therapy, education, and therapy services for those struggling to manage mental illness and addictive disorders.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) bridges the gap between inpatient hospitalization and one-on-one behavioral health treatment. It is specifically designed for adults experiencing moderately severe symptoms.

At Signature Behavioral Healthcare, we provide treatment that is both immediate and effective. Patients are seen by the psychiatrist upon admission to IOP. They needn’t suffer unnecessarily waiting for an evaluation or lengthy referral process.

Patients have two points of entry into the programs:

  • Initial treatment admission.
  • A “step down” option following in-patient stabilization.

Program goals include crisis stabilization, patient education and the development of coping skills in the least restrictive level of appropriate care. Our treatment team provides behavioral health care in a structured, therapeutic environment where patients learn to function more independently and competently as they reduce the acute symptoms and behaviors that precipitated the need for treatment.